VR Game Break!

As with any type of video game, it’s also good to take a break from VR games once in a while. Maybe you got stuck at a particular point or the controls were frustrating during part of the gameplay. The truth of the matter is, you and your mind needs a little moderation.

The question becomes, “What am I to do if I’m not playing a VR game?”

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5 Free Games To Enjoy with Your Oculus Touch

After ceding nine months to HTC Vive in the battle of VR controllers, Oculus Rift has finally released their highly anticipated Oculus Touch controllers and they are amazing, ultra-intuitive technological achievements. Here’s a list of of free Oculus games that you can download right now to get your Oculus Touch experience off the ground. From hyperkinetic action shooters like Bullet Train to artistic showcases like Quill, this article will demonstrate what the Oculus Touch controllers can really do.

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VR Music Videos and Apps for Google Cardboard

It’s amazing what virtual reality can bring the masses these days. Just conduct one simple “VR” search on Google Play Store and you’ll come up with hundreds if not thousands of results. Most of what you’ll see are a mix of endless runner clones and tons of interesting and dynamic VR games that redefine what it is to being a first person player.

But did you know that there’s more than just VR games? There’s VR music apps too!

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5 Amazing Free VR Games For HTC VIVE

We’re now officially living in the age of virtual reality. But let’s not get confused here. There are certainly different and varying levels of quality when it comes to VR. In other words, all virtual reality is not created the same! Sure, the Google Cardboard and the Samsung Gear VR are pretty cool and affordable but if you want to see what true and immersive VR really feels like, it is imperative that you demo either the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift!

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